The ‘YZ’ of Water Pollution


The Yellow River also known as ‘Chinas Sorrow’ is the second longest river in China running 5,464 kilometres. As most of the rivers in China, the river is heavily polluted and is often used by factories as dumping ground.

Although it is much polluted and frequently turns red in areas, it is not the pollution that has earned it its name. In fact the river is known for flooding which has a huge impact on the people living nearby. There are records dating back to 600 years BC, with stories about the river running over its banks. That is why people call it ‘China’s Sorrow’.


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The ‘VWX’ of Water Pollution


VOCs are short for Volatile Organic Compounds with the most common being methane. Methane is one of the most efficient greenhouse gasses, a gas that prevent heat from escaping the earth’s atmosphere and in that way contributing to global warming.

VOC’s contribute to both air and water pollution. The compounds can enter the groundwater and cause pollution to big areas and render the water undrinkable. Some VOC incidents have even been accused of causing cancer and birth defects.

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The NATO Pipeline System (NPS)

In my recent article about the damaged NATO pipeline in Belgium; I explained that many of the pipes in NATO’s Pipeline systems are more than 50 years old. They were put in the ground in the time of the cold war and still serve all NATO’s oil and petroleum requirements.

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Damaged Pipeline Leaked 50M2 Oil in Belgium

A farmer from the southern Belgium city Mons, accidentally pierced a pipeline Wednesday morning causing the leakage of around 50 cubic meters of oil.


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The ‘STU’ of Water Pollution


sewageSewage is mainly liquid but can contain some solids. Sewage is a waste product of the daily activities in our homes such as preparing food, washing up etc. Domestic sewage is being led out through the drains in our houses; we drain out excess foods and vegetables through the sink. Washing powder, cleaning products and organic materials everything is being flushed out into the sewer pipes in the ground.

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Cocaine Campaign to Save the Environment


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The ‘PQR’ of Water Pollution


photosynthesisPhotosynthesis is a process that is actually very complex and we don’t actually know everything about it yet. It is essentially the conversion of sunlight energy into oxygen and sugar. The importance of this process is somewhat evident in the fact that nearly all life on earth depends on it. Trees and leafs are the most common organisms that springs to mind when ordinary people think of photosynthesis. But photosynthesis is a process that can occur everywhere where a little green pigments called chlorophyll is present. This pigment is what absorbs the sunlight before it is processed and in the end turn out as oxygen.

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