A Story That Didn’t Make it!

marts 7, 2008 at 10:21 am 1 kommentar

I recently spent way too much time researching a story that ended with nothing. And instead of just forgetting about all the work and leaving it laying around on my PC, I thought I would share it anyway. As I’m not submitting it as a news story for our Environmental News Online site, I will just drop it here.

The Valaste Waterfall in Estonia

No matter how news worthy this story is, there is no doubt that the photos which caught my interest are pretty interesting. Some of the comments suggested that the brownish colour in the ice was due to pollution from the rivers and lakes surrounding this place. And it definitely looks a bit odd when compared to these photos from Switzerland near the Geneva Lake. These photos also caused a lot of debates, but that was whether they were real or not.

The comments, although many, did not really give any clues as to what had caused this. The comments suggested everything from pollution from the Baltic Sea, to a storm that had caused the waterfall to turn into a fountain spreading the muddy water all over the place.

I did some further research without really getting anywhere and fell over some similar photos from the same waterfall. And as you can see the ice on these photos are not all brown, some of it is white as snow.

These photos are all from within the last couple of years, so it suggested to me that something drastic had happened if the water were to be so polluted so suddenly. It didn’t really make sense, and in the end I found out that in that area were the Valaste waterfall is, a lot of oil-shales are found. Estonian oil shale (kukersite) is of high quality and Estonia is presently world’s largest oil shale producer.

The water in this area may sometimes be pumped out from the oil shale mines around and can have some dirt in it. This also explains why the brownish ice is inconsistent. And although there can be some environmental concerns regarding oil shale mining, which can actually result in groundwater pollution and other things. Water pollution is not the reason for the brown ice in these fantastic photos.

Although an interesting story, it’s not about water pollution, and it’s not really news.

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  • 1. paulbradshaw  |  marts 13, 2008 kl. 2:01 pm

    Wonderful blog post that shows nothing’s ever wasted with OJ…!

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