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The ‘YZ’ of Water Pollution


The Yellow River also known as ‘Chinas Sorrow’ is the second longest river in China running 5,464 kilometres. As most of the rivers in China, the river is heavily polluted and is often used by factories as dumping ground.

Although it is much polluted and frequently turns red in areas, it is not the pollution that has earned it its name. In fact the river is known for flooding which has a huge impact on the people living nearby. There are records dating back to 600 years BC, with stories about the river running over its banks. That is why people call it ‘China’s Sorrow’.


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The ‘JKL’ of Water Pollution


Jardine Water PlanJardine Water Purification Plant is the largest of its kind in the world. The plants obtains and clean water for the entire city of Chigaco, it processes about 3 billion litres a day.
This is only half the capacity of what the plant is capable of. When running on full capacity, the plant can provide over 6 billion litres of clean water a day.

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