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Damaged Pipeline Leaked 50M2 Oil in Belgium

A farmer from the southern Belgium city Mons, accidentally pierced a pipeline Wednesday morning causing the leakage of around 50 cubic meters of oil.



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Is ‘Nord Stream’ Holding Back Information About the Gas Pipeline in the Baltic Sea?

Screenshot from the BBC feature about Nord StreamThe much discussed Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline planned by the German-Russian company Nord Stream, has suffered a setback by having their application declined by the Swedish Government. The Swedish government have found it lacking key information, stating that it does not fulfill the requirements to be considered.

It is not clear what specific information is missing from the application, but the Swedish Government state that the following requirements were sent to Nord Stream.

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10 Things You Should Know About Water Pollution in Europe

  1. The dirtiest coasts in Europe are found in Lithuania and Estonia.
  2. 70% of all surface waters in The Czech Republic are heavily polluted.
  3. 40% of Hungary’s tap water is already contaminated.
  4. In Poland, 75% of the country’s river water, is too polluted even for industrial use.
  5. The Baltic Sea north of Germany is among the most polluted in the world today.
  6. 30% of The Czech Republic rivers are so polluted that no fish can survive.
  7. In just one year, from 2004-2005, the quality of water in Europe’s rives and lakes used for swimming and water sports, worsened by 10%.
  8. Greece has the cleanest coastal waters in Europe, followed by Spain and Germany.
  9. The Sarno in Italy is the most polluted river in Europe!
  10. Only 22% of the bathing water in Slovakia, meet the EU standard guidelines for freshwater areas.

Sources and more facts about water pollution in Europe:

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