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The ‘STU’ of Water Pollution


sewageSewage is mainly liquid but can contain some solids. Sewage is a waste product of the daily activities in our homes such as preparing food, washing up etc. Domestic sewage is being led out through the drains in our houses; we drain out excess foods and vegetables through the sink. Washing powder, cleaning products and organic materials everything is being flushed out into the sewer pipes in the ground.


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Swedish hikers warned not to drink from watersheds

Hikers in the otherwise “water safe” Åre in Sweden are advised not to drink from the normally safe watersheds in the area.

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The Environmental Liability Directive

European FlagDuring the research of my recent article on The Czech Environmental Act, I had an interview with Ondřej Vícha, who is responsible for the transposition of the Environmental Liability Directive (2004/35/EC) into the Czech legal order and drafting of the Czech environmental liability act.

He told me that it was expected to come into force next month, which was the main angle on the news story. But I thought I would expand a little bit and talk a little bit about why this act is important in relation to our environment and specifically to the protection of our waters.

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A Story That Didn’t Make it!

I recently spent way too much time researching a story that ended with nothing. And instead of just forgetting about all the work and leaving it laying around on my PC, I thought I would share it anyway. As I’m not submitting it as a news story for our Environmental News Online site, I will just drop it here.

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10 Things You Should Know About Water Pollution in Europe

  1. The dirtiest coasts in Europe are found in Lithuania and Estonia.
  2. 70% of all surface waters in The Czech Republic are heavily polluted.
  3. 40% of Hungary’s tap water is already contaminated.
  4. In Poland, 75% of the country’s river water, is too polluted even for industrial use.
  5. The Baltic Sea north of Germany is among the most polluted in the world today.
  6. 30% of The Czech Republic rivers are so polluted that no fish can survive.
  7. In just one year, from 2004-2005, the quality of water in Europe’s rives and lakes used for swimming and water sports, worsened by 10%.
  8. Greece has the cleanest coastal waters in Europe, followed by Spain and Germany.
  9. The Sarno in Italy is the most polluted river in Europe!
  10. Only 22% of the bathing water in Slovakia, meet the EU standard guidelines for freshwater areas.

Sources and more facts about water pollution in Europe:

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