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The ‘MNO’ of Water Pollution


stop throwing garbage in the seaMarine Pollution in short is the entrance of chemicals or particles that causes pollution to the sea. This form of pollution can have critical long term affects as the elements are not dissolved easily by water. But because these tiny particles are taken up by plants on the sea bed, it enters very quickly into fish and other animals living in the sea. And because a lot of animal feeds are based on sea food, these elements can be found in livestock operation shortly after entering the sea.


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10 Things You Should Know About Water Pollution in Europe

  1. The dirtiest coasts in Europe are found in Lithuania and Estonia.
  2. 70% of all surface waters in The Czech Republic are heavily polluted.
  3. 40% of Hungary’s tap water is already contaminated.
  4. In Poland, 75% of the country’s river water, is too polluted even for industrial use.
  5. The Baltic Sea north of Germany is among the most polluted in the world today.
  6. 30% of The Czech Republic rivers are so polluted that no fish can survive.
  7. In just one year, from 2004-2005, the quality of water in Europe’s rives and lakes used for swimming and water sports, worsened by 10%.
  8. Greece has the cleanest coastal waters in Europe, followed by Spain and Germany.
  9. The Sarno in Italy is the most polluted river in Europe!
  10. Only 22% of the bathing water in Slovakia, meet the EU standard guidelines for freshwater areas.

Sources and more facts about water pollution in Europe:

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