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The ‘VWX’ of Water Pollution


VOCs are short for Volatile Organic Compounds with the most common being methane. Methane is one of the most efficient greenhouse gasses, a gas that prevent heat from escaping the earth’s atmosphere and in that way contributing to global warming.

VOC’s contribute to both air and water pollution. The compounds can enter the groundwater and cause pollution to big areas and render the water undrinkable. Some VOC incidents have even been accused of causing cancer and birth defects.


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Barcelona in Risk of Water Shortage Over the Summer

Due to drought especially in the tourist destination of Catalonia, Barcelona is now having fresh water shipped from France.

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Swedish hikers warned not to drink from watersheds

Hikers in the otherwise “water safe” Åre in Sweden are advised not to drink from the normally safe watersheds in the area.

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A Story That Didn’t Make it!

I recently spent way too much time researching a story that ended with nothing. And instead of just forgetting about all the work and leaving it laying around on my PC, I thought I would share it anyway. As I’m not submitting it as a news story for our Environmental News Online site, I will just drop it here.

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The ‘GHI’ of Water Pollution


Groundwater PollutionGroundwater describes any kind of water “trapped” underneath the surface of the earth. It can be flowing water, permafrost or water mixed with other liquids. Groundwater is not static, in the sense that it stays a a particular level in the earth, it travels with time and move down the water table. Groundwater is normally of a very good quality because of the natural filtering that occurs when then the water passes through the ground.

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The ‘DEF’ of Water Pollution


DNAPLDNAPL (dense nonaqueous phase liquid), is a liquid that is more dense, and doesn’t dissolve easily with water. High concentrates of this substance can form a carpet like area on the water surface or lake or river bed. This will restrict the amount of sunlight breaking through the water and impact plants and other organisms requiring sunlight. Including the photosynthesis that produces oxygen. Liquids from chlorine will often act as a DNAPL.

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10 Things You Should Know About Water Pollution in Europe

  1. The dirtiest coasts in Europe are found in Lithuania and Estonia.
  2. 70% of all surface waters in The Czech Republic are heavily polluted.
  3. 40% of Hungary’s tap water is already contaminated.
  4. In Poland, 75% of the country’s river water, is too polluted even for industrial use.
  5. The Baltic Sea north of Germany is among the most polluted in the world today.
  6. 30% of The Czech Republic rivers are so polluted that no fish can survive.
  7. In just one year, from 2004-2005, the quality of water in Europe’s rives and lakes used for swimming and water sports, worsened by 10%.
  8. Greece has the cleanest coastal waters in Europe, followed by Spain and Germany.
  9. The Sarno in Italy is the most polluted river in Europe!
  10. Only 22% of the bathing water in Slovakia, meet the EU standard guidelines for freshwater areas.

Sources and more facts about water pollution in Europe:

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